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  • Have you made any shopping today or recently ?
  • Apart from the goods as such, did you receive something else in return ?
  • Possibly loyalty points ? Anything else ?
  • If you had the chance to throw away all of those loyalty cards and replace them with one single and unique card, would you be ready to do so ?
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Money back with every purchase !

DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR HABITS, JUST CHOOSE LYONESS PARTNERS (Small or medium sized enterprises or larger companies), THAT'S ALL !!!

Any questions ? Do not hesitate, I'll always be there to help you in the best possible way!

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Enjoy every purchase … worldwide

How does this work ? It's very simple: Lyoness offers an unmatched network of chain stores, SMEs and online Loyalty Merchants, thereby making shopping incredibly advantageous worldwide, actually in 42 countries and in all industry sectors. The actually more than 2.4 millions members can currently make their shopping to take advantage of the cashback with 24'000 Loyalty Merchants (150'000 shops) and 3'200 on-line stores (more than 110 millions items !).

Four ways to buy

With Lyoness, members (ie you) do always have the opportunity to buy whatever they need and this anywhere in the world : be it with the cashback card, using mobile vouchers (mobile cashback), with so called original vouchers / gift cards from Loyalty Partners or through on-line shopping – members always get money back with every purchase.

Cash Mobile Bons Online


On every purchase made by using this loyalty card with any Loyalty Partner / company, your personal benefits account will be credited up to 2% of the amount of your purchase. The balance of your benefits account will therefore gradually increase. From CHF 15.- or EUR 10.- or $ 15.- updwards, the amount is then transferred without deduction to your private bank account and this every Tuesday.

Loyalty benefits

In addition to the Cashback, you also get a loyalty bonus which, depending on the industry sector of the Loyalty Partner, can reach up to 30% !

Friendship Bonus

Recommend this card around! As recommender, you receive 0.5% of the purchase revenues generated by your new recommended member (the so called direct friendship bonus). If this member recommends Lyoness to another new member, you get a further 0.5% of the purchase revenues generated by this new member (the so called indirect friendship bonus). Isn't that a great idea ?

You are of course not obliged to recommend this card to anyone and nobody will force you to do so. You alone can also benefit from all benefits linked to the card.

When you find a good deal, watch a extraordinary movie, have been in a great hotel, have had an excellent meal … don't you recommend all of that to your loved ones? This card works exactly the same way, except that here you will earn money back with every purchase made by the people you recommended.

Social responsibility - the Lyoness foundations

Thanks to the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation, members and Loyalty Merchants are not the only ones enjoying, but people in need as well. Founded in May 2008 as a charity, the foundation receives a portion of the amount of the total purchases generated by using this loyalty card.
In 2011, another foundation was created, Greenfinity, who aims to fight for global and sustainable environmental protection, supports innovative projects linked to environment and invests into renewable energy use.

But where does all this money come from ?

The system is financed by the discounts Loyalty Merchants grant to members. A certain percentage is levied on those discounts, which allows the system to finance itself.

I'm interested, how to register ?

Use the 30 days FREE trial membership and enjoy unlimited cashback and Lyoness benefits ! If during this period you shop any goods or services through a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, your trial membership will be converted into a full membership for free.

Give me your first and last name(s), address, ZIP code, city, country, date of birth (legal reasons), your e-mail address and your mobile phone number by using the contact form by clicking here

We would like our company to join ?

Proceed the same way as mentioned above but let me know it when filling in the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible to explain all the details and conditions. You can also join personally without the obligation for your company to adhere, the way you want. In that case, you will be able to enjoy all benefits linked to this loyalty card.

They did it, why not you ?

Austria = 8,4 million people, 1st country and since 2003 = more than 2'400 SMEs (and 40 companies using vouchers).
Switzerland : only 20'000 members but more than 800 SMEs (of which around 700 in the swiss german part !).
France : more than 400 SMEs (8).
Belgium : over 330 SMEs (9).
Canada : approximately 50 SMEs (17).
New countries : Philippines (0 – 25), Brasil (0 – 4), Macao (0 – 3), Thailand (0 – 3), Canada (49 – 17), USA (72 – 12), UAE (64 – 7), Australia (0 – 11) and other countries soon ! (in brackets, the first digit = SMEs, 2nd digit = vouchers)

Support :

Your success is my main concern (though it's true), I shall always be at your disposal in order to inform you in the best and fastest possible way about possible improvements of the « system ». Being basically independent, it is just a matter of continuity ! And the official company website will always remain at your disposal (personal intranet).

Are you already in Relationship Marketing ?

Why don't you make your family, friends and contacts also benefit from this extraordinary concept ? Nothing to buy, nothing to sell ! Nothing to change in one's shopping habits, only focus on SMEs or large loyalty partner groups and received money back on every purchase !

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